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About Us

Team ByBenji

Our unique meat treat bybenji, is the very first, DEFRA registered manufacturer of biltong for pets in the UK. Inspired by the well-known South African snack, our four-legged version is not only deliciously nutritious, but clean to the hand and easy to handle. We believe we have strived to create the highest of quality canine friendly snacks making ours simply the ideal RAW meat treats for your dogs. Since early ancestral days, history taught us that canines naturally ate a diet of raw meat. Today, the discerning domesticated dog relies on us to choose their appropriately balanced diet from the many many options on offer. When it comes to reproducing that authentic natural choice, bybenji has pioneered the next best thing, ByBenji Beef Biltong! Loved by dogs, we believe that our product is out of this world. ByBenji is one small snack for man – one super snack for dogkind! High in protein, zero carbohydrates, our range of treats have no artificial preservatives, flavourings, colorings or additives, they are also free from gluten, soya, wheat, and corn. How are they created?  Naturally dry cured premium dog snacks, made from only the finest silverside of beef, our products are made in a special drying room in our officially approved Pet Food Warehouse. Freshly produced on a regular basis, they are produced from only high quality human grade meat, delicious, nutritious, wholesome and importantly 100% natural. Our unique handmade production method insures strength in consistency, encouraging a healthy chewing action, which in turn aids healthy teeth and gums. These beef treats, are perfect for both preppy puppies and the pensioner pooch!