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Another fang-tastic All Dogs Matter Do!!

At the very spookiest time of the year, the now legendary All Dogs Matter Halloween walk, never fails to live up to it’s hauntingly exciting reputation. Humans and hounds, creatively and originally gloriously dressed as ghosts, ghouls, witches, spiders and yes…even Star Wars Characters ( well, at Halloween anything from Hampstead to outer space is surely allowed!!) Everyone gathering on a bright Sunday morn, to enjoy the walk from the fabulous host venue The Spaniards Inn. Strolling over the Heath and returning back to celebrate with a costume parade to put the fun into fundraising , all in aid of the wonderful dog rescue charity All Dogs Matter.


Judging was fiercely contested in the three categories; Best Dog Costume, Best Human and obviously, Best treat , haha….no, we all know who wins that , no , the third category was actually best Human & Hound!!! Never shy, yes we joined in , giving the Bybenji throne a little cloak styling make over for the event, inviting all who dare to grace the throne to have their monster moment in the spooky spotlight!


For some, it was a very welcome return to the scene, but as ever , we were always very excited to greet new faces and see the reactions to sampling from the biltong bowl.


We would however like to give a very special mention,  to the canine queen of All Dogs Matter, yes, it’s Abi the Staffie, who most would admit can usually be found never far from our biltong stands,  and in fact we believe can sense the arrival of our biltong at 50 paces even before it’s been offloaded!!  Yes, Abi always has her very own special “throne” experience in mind, esepcially when spotting another posing pooch,  she can be seen here hatching a plan to stand on the throne to get another taste. Abi, we applaud you, we love you and to everyone , four legged and two, who made it on and off the throne at Halloween, fangs for making the day another howl and a hoot!!







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