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It’s all about the product…isn’t it?

Strutting down the aisle of your local pet store, you may well be bombarded with a whole range of “technicoloured” treat bags calling you from the shelves. When it comes to product packaging, should we be asking…is it style over substance?

Here at ByBenji, knowing our resealable and recyclable bags are absolutely a given, our focus will always remain on the contents inside!

Yes the BB Brand should stand out from the crowd, but with a new approach to beef treats we want to let the product speak for itself. Lets face it, when it comes to treat time, your dog is totally unaware of what the wrapper looks like, and so they should be..their interest is aroma driven.

Dogs seek out what they can smell, and they know what they want, almost as if they were doing a daily blind tasting , simply trusting their instincts and sampling from their sensorial memory bank…it’s all about the product!

Wanting to put our product on the line so to speak , we were very excited to take part in the ultimate of dog treat testing, yes, a blind tasting sample test with Dog Friendly Magazine. We were invited to put our product where our packaging wasn’t , and be sniffed out by over 100 of their focus group dogs!

Producing 5 different batches of biltong, the ByBenji original along with 4 other “tweaked” versions ( different blends, no herbs, that kind of thing!)  we were not only keen to discover which of our products would receive the best reaction, but how our ByBenji original would stand up against a variation!

Waving our samples off like a child going to it’s first day at school, we awaited the feedback re the feedback and yes, we can not only happily feedback that the feedback was good….but lo, it was extraordinary! Dog Friendly Magazine reported that in all their years of focus group testing, they had never had such positive results for a product!

Normally a few feedback forms would say that their pets simply didn’t touch the sample , but no, 100% of them said their dogs ate and enjoyed!

The biggest point being that each and every sample was sent in a plain little pouch. No fuss, no label ( just a letter on each for identification ) no bells, or whistles to encourage or influence, just a pouch, with a treat and a perfect product inside.

A high value, pure silverside beef treat, marinated, air cured in a pouch……sound familiar?



Biltong Platter                                                                                 Ready for testing….





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