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When we say dogs will do anything for ByBenji Biltong…..

Running wild and free may be a walk in the park for most hounds, but when it comes to getting your dog to work to command , well , that can be a whole new bag of tricks….or bag of treats!

Luckily, we have been sent some fabulous footage of a very “dog about London Town” model ( posing at London Bridge!) being kept on spot and mesmorised by our biltong. It’s oh so near but obviously far enough to be out of shot,  yet well within sniffing distance so keeping his interest entirely and yes the beautiful photo shoot was easily completed by dog photographer Emma O’Brien … carefully assisted by biltong holder Theresa Keohane AKA The Dogvine!


This brought to mind another bit of exciting and quite touching feedback from our biltong followers, that the bybenji aroma seems to be bringing nervous dogs out of their shell.

As a high value , intensely marinated treat , one of the most magical of properties that’s been discovered with our products, is that the aroma simply sustains at maximum til eaten, and as dogs noses are so highly sensitive, it`s been known for the most introvert of animals to be enticed towards a piece, and gain confidence with handlers and owners alike.

Be it socialising and training , ByBenji Biltong is the natural treat of choice.


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