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Top 5 places to keep your Biltong!

Lets begin by reminding anyone reading this who may not have met our products up close and personal, that the beauty of Bybenji, is it’s made of nothing but pure silverside of beef. There are no additives, no fillers, no grain , no sugar or added extras , the secret to our tantalising taste and aroma is our marinade, which,  in itself, is a natural preservative along with the air curing process, which all comes together to make Biltong one of the most clean and attractive treats nutritionally for raw feeders, and anyone introducing raw alike.

It`s Beef, fresh beef, so where and how do you best keep your products safe for ultimate freshness and from inquisitive noses!

  1. As all our labels will tell you, once opened, best kept in the fridge, and with the bigger bags this is vital as you’ll be constantly opening and decanting into your snack bowl or travelling snack pack and our resealable bags encourage you to stow away quite safely.
  2. Want to take the chilling idea that one step further?  Try storing your biltong treats in the freezer! This isn’t purely a long term option, as all our products have a six month shelf life because of our air flushing packing system, so unopened bags , but a cool , longer chew…especially with the super sticks and biltong sausage variety is such a n-ice way to help make the experience last that little bit longer!
  3.   The good old reliable treat jar is also a great storing place if you`re emptying the whole bag and keeping airtight! These days, the right choice of glass jars are pretty easy to find simply look for the type that would be a preserving standard and keep out direct heat, the treat variety especially stay fresh.
  4. Treat toys! What can we say about stuffing a treat toy with our ByBenji Biltong that hasn’t been tried and tested and said time and time again? There are other things to put in a treat toy, but the fact is peanut butter and pate are simply going to stick to the inside , loose any freshness and become a total mess in time, but ofcourse, with our air cured treats, the clue is that they will keep as fresh as the day you put them in the toy as that`s the nature of our beasty treats! Oh, and the aroma keeps as fresh as day one too!
  5. Oh, lets end with the obvious, the treat cupboard…but beware, we know that a healthy dog nose can sense an opened bag of biltong from 50 paces, and once a canny canine knows where you keep them, you’ll be kept fit running to the cupboard to get there before your dog does!





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