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Beware cheap imposters…is it ByBenji or Byproducts?

For us, one of the many positives of being a one ingredient treat producer, is that you, the pet treat purchaser, can have absolute confidence in knowing exactly what you are actually feeding your dog. Always worth mentioning, that treats should be considered as a reward or training tool, used only as an addition to […]

It’s all about the product…isn’t it?

Strutting down the aisle of your local pet store, you may well be bombarded with a whole range of “technicoloured” treat bags calling you from the shelves. When it comes to product packaging, should we be asking…is it style over substance? Here at ByBenji, knowing our resealable and recyclable bags are absolutely a given, our […]

Another fang-tastic All Dogs Matter Do!!

At the very spookiest time of the year, the now legendary All Dogs Matter Halloween walk, never fails to live up to it’s hauntingly exciting reputation. Humans and hounds, creatively and originally gloriously dressed as ghosts, ghouls, witches, spiders and yes…even Star Wars Characters ( well, at Halloween anything from Hampstead to outer space is […]


What are all the creatively canny canines up to each Thursday? Doing exactly what their humans spend hours telling them not to do, namely getting on the furniture to pose for a pic …and yes, we will take full responsibility!! Our #thronethursday competition is fast becoming the ultimate in posing pooch pastimes , and when […]

Top 5 places to keep your Biltong!

Lets begin by reminding anyone reading this who may not have met our products up close and personal, that the beauty of Bybenji, is it’s made of nothing but pure silverside of beef. There are no additives, no fillers, no grain , no sugar or added extras , the secret to our tantalising taste and […]

Summer in the City…ByBenji Style!

When we get an invite to bring the ByBenji experience to London Town, you would be absolutely correct in thinking we are about to meet some very classy canines! Hey,ofcourse there’s always the feel of a red carpet occasion at any ByBenji event, with the expectation of experiencing the Biltong “magic”, sharing and tasting our […]

When we say dogs will do anything for ByBenji Biltong…..

Running wild and free may be a walk in the park for most hounds, but when it comes to getting your dog to work to command , well , that can be a whole new bag of tricks….or bag of treats! Luckily, we have been sent some fabulous footage of a very “dog about London […]

Who’s been sitting in our chair?

The ByBenji “logo” really does come to life, with our event days bringing dogs of all sizes, feverishly longing to have their own moment in the red chair, which always takes pride of place at our outdoor Pavilion…and we couldn’t be more thrilled to extend the warmest of welcomes! We love rolling our the red […]

Biltong V Jerky

It’s an age old, dog treat question that simply won’t go away …What is the difference between Biltong and Jerky? As the pioneering producers of Biltong for Pets, let’s see if we can give you the definitive outline, plus a few fundamental facts, that will help dispel those myths to give you the answers you […]