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When we say dogs will do anything for ByBenji Biltong…..

Running wild and free may be a walk in the park for most hounds, but when it comes to getting your dog to work to command , well , that can be a whole new bag of tricks….or bag of treats! Luckily, we have been sent some fabulous footage of a very “dog about London […]

ByBenji, the sensory experience and treat that trains!

When we set out at ByBenji to create  a uniquely natural range of dog friendly Biltong products, who knew how we would be constantly overwhelmed at the feedback we’re receiving from the canine community , raving particularly about the positive feeding and training results they are experiencing while introducing ByBenji  into their worlds. Read on […]

Size certainly isn’t everything, but when you’re a Chihuahua…

Attending a small event is never our style, but how could we say no to supporting the House Of Chihuahua sponsored Guiness World Record Doga attempt. In sunny Gerards Cross, hundreds of little visitors descended on the venue, and to be honest we wondered how so many mini egos in one space would end up, […]