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1) Where Is Your ByBenji Produced?

ByBenji Beef Biltong Super Sticks, Training Treats and Biltong Sausage are made in a special drying room in our APHA approved Pet Food Warehouse.  This is made fresh on a  regular  basis.

2) How Long Does ByBenji Biltong Last?

Left in the fridge, bag open, products can last up to 8 weeks .

NB: Products may well perish over a week if left in any plastic sealed container, where moisture can lock and mould can form.

3) Is ByBenji Biltong Gluten Free?

The product is gluten free, it also has no soya, no wheat, no msg, no corn, no artificial flavouring.

4) Why Is Your Product Better Than any Other Dog Treat On The Market?

We believe our natural dry cured beef treats for dogs are better in every way, because we use the highest quality silverside of beef normally used for making the human version of biltong.  

All our meat used is grass fed, not grain fed and we also only use natural herbs specifically picked for your dog’s optimal health (teeth, fur and muscles).

ByBenji  Biltong is also HIGH in Protein and has NO Carbs.  Perfect for your dog’s muscle development. It is SUPER HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS and very DELICIOUS.

5) Why Silverside of Beef?

Our ByBenji Biltong products are made out of the finest silverside of beef.

We know, when it comes to a natural and healthy dog treat, nothing but the best is ever worth serving to your pet, and any imitations of this delicacy is something to be aware of when comparing any cheap similarly named Biltong product.

Cheap inferior cuts or animal parts, such as tendons, may be offered as Biltong but can easily be mistaken for the REAL MCCOY, as only Biltong made of pure Silverside can call truly call itself Biltong.

6)  Why can’t I just feed my dog ‘human Biltong’?

So called ‘human biltong ‘should not be fed to your pet as it contains higher levels of salt, spices, flavourings, MSG, preservatives and additives which have not been tested and approved.

It is best avoiding traditional Biltong products which are generally cut in thin slices as opposed to our sticks,treat chunks & sausage

7) What type of salt is used in your product?

The salt quantity used is very low and we only use the highest quality sea salt. We never use refined table salt.

8) Can A Human Eat It Too?

It has been microbiologically tested suitable for humans, however we sell it is as a dog treat and we only promote it as a dog treat. 

It is made of high quality human consumable ingredients and is a natural dry cured beef stick that is very healthy and nutritious.

It could be used in a high protein diet etc, or as an added protein supplement. It does not in anyway taste like a normal dog food or dog treat, as you would find in the market today.

We advise that this is a treat for your dog.

9) What Payment Methods Do You Have? 

All payments via online orders are taken through Paypal which is safe and secure.  You can either use your Paypal account and log in at checkout, or if you don’t have a Paypal account, Paypal gives you an option to use your debit/credit card.

10) Where Is Your Shop Located?

We do not have a Retail Shop it is all produced in a APHA approved Pet Food Preparation Warehouse this way we can keep costs low and pass on the savings to you.

11) What Is The Delivery Cost?

All orders up to £60, the delivery charge is a one off £3.70.

12) How Long Will It Take To Have My Order Delivered?

Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.  Depending on requirement of your order for ByBenji Doggie Biltong, it can take up to 5 days if more drying time is needed, as all meat is dry cured on a daily basis.

13) Do You Offer Free Delivery?

All orders that are over £60 qualify for free delivery.

14) Do You Do Saturday Deliveries?

Unfortunately no, as it works out very expensive for customers and most people are not prepared to pay the cost.

15) Have You Got A Refund Policy?

Yes,  If you are not happy with the product, just return it back to us as sent and we will refund the order.  We are not liable for return costs.