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Beware cheap imposters…is it ByBenji or Byproducts?

For us, one of the many positives of being a one ingredient treat producer, is that you, the pet treat purchaser, can have absolute confidence in knowing exactly what you are actually feeding your dog.

Always worth mentioning, that treats should be considered as a reward or training tool, used only as an addition to your dogs daily diet and feeding regime. For this very reason , even more important to know that all the good work you do to create a balanced and wholesome meal plan,  is not going to be compromised by any cheap rogue byproducts, who masquerade under the guise of a high value option in packaging, rather than product source and standard.

Meat is just meat isn’t it?

Look up the definition and you’ll be told that meat is simply the flesh of an animal. Note, that is not a tendon or a sinew or gristle or any other “byproduct” but the flesh, so yes meat should be exactly that….meat is pure meat!

Regulations within the pet industry re labelling,  support that all information given must be truthful and not misleading about the nature and quality of the product. The law requires a statutory statement to be put on packaging and labelling , so consider, that when treats are sold loosely or out of any closed pack , it falls to you to ask about the products journey to the the treat table. The look of a treat can be very deceptive when stacked or displayed amongst it’s competitors and after all, your dog has to rely on you to do the detective work for them.  Some dogs may wag their tails at any old treat waved under their eagerly twitching noses , but they might as well go and raid the dustbin if what you are mistakenly feeding them is rubbish!

The message we wish to send out, is one of awareness of the meat treat impostors. The “looky likey” products that may claim to be 100% meat, but are anything but.

Back to basics…

There’s a reason that animals in the wild have been observed to leave not only the carcass, but much of their prey,after catching. You would imagine that they would devour everything for survival, or at least reserve for later. The idea is , that when prey are relatively easy to come by, it pays to eat only the good parts. It may take far too much energy and effort to chew the last bits of low quality scraps, the parts that remain after the main meat has been consumed and left waiting for the vultures!

Taking this as an example , if all treats look the same how can your dog determine which is actually a dressed up scrap and what is actually the very best they can and should consume? How does your dog know!

Our treats are simply one ingredient based , and that one ingredient is the very top quality your dog will find in a beef treat. If pets could read the labels we know exactly which they would choose, but, until that day, it’s up to you to seek out the ByBenji from the Byproduct.








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