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Biltong V Jerky

It’s an age old, dog treat question that simply won’t go away …What is the difference between Biltong and Jerky?

As the pioneering producers of Biltong for Pets, let’s see if we can give you the definitive outline, plus a few fundamental facts, that will help dispel those myths to give you the answers you need.

Firstly, Biltong is substantially a more generous cut of meat, and with ByBenj being the very first DEFRA approved high value dogfriendly biltong, the origin of the word Biltong stems from bil- rump and tong – strip , and our collection is made from nothing but the very best quality muscle meat , premium Silverside of Beef…yes Silverside!

Jerky is normally produced from a very thin constituted joint of meat, sliced against the grain , while Biltong is hand cut into long strips with the grain , staying clear of any nasty sinews and tendons , but the secret to the undeniably intoxicating aroma that distinguishes Biltong from Jerky, is in the marinating process which creates an intense and long lasting unrivalled taste that Jerky simply lacks.

Each piece of Biltong is unique. The art of producing fantastic Biltong is in the expertise of the maker, and the bespoke manner in which it is crafted. Marinated in our own special mixture of herbs, each piece is lovingly hand turned, each strip is then hung high to be air dried in our unique ByBenji room.


Safe in the knowledgeable hands of our expert biltong makers, checked over several days, ensures every piece is individually cared for for optimum quality control, it’s an artisan method that takes time , care and a whole lot of biltong attention, and hopefully by now , you’ll be discovering why ByBenji rates so highly amongst meat treat tasters.

Now to the heat, and how it plays such a vital part of identifying Biltong or Jerky…or any meat treat impostor!

Jerky dries by direct heat, and is often smoked, which means the meat loses a lot of it’s protein content, it will almost certainly have a manufactured shape about it , but with Biltongs natural air-drying process , it’s unique combination of “wind and warmth”, means the no direct heat touches the meat keeping a high protein level, letting the beef do it’s own thing by soaking in the flavour.

Finally lets compare the product itself.

If you were to ask your own butcher about the quality of Silverside of Beef, the industry professionals would rate the cut one of the highest in quality, an indulgence.

No gristle, tendons, no by-products, sugars or artificial additives , raw feeders are constantly searching for a high value, complimentary treat that doesn’t compromise the regime they have chosen for their pets, and we have strived to produce just that.

There are meat treats who may claim the name “Biltong”, but Biltong is so much more than a name , it’s a combination of process and ingredients , and knowing what goes in to produce the best , when asked what’s the difference between ByBenji and Jerky or any other impersonator , you can say with utter confidence…it’s a ByBenji thing!


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