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Biltong V Jerky

 It’s an age old, dogtreat treat question…what is the difference between Biltong and Jerky!

As the pioneering producers of Biltong for Pets, let’s see if we can give you the difinitive outline and the fundamental facts that will give you the answers you need.

Biltong is substantially a more generous cut of pure Silverside of Beef, while Jerky is normally of a very thin constitution, with the main differences being the methods of production and the resulting distinctively intoxicating aroma & unrivalled Biltong taste.

Jerky is sliced against the grain & typically smoked in ovens while Biltong,  which is hand cut into long strips with the grain & prepared more holistically , is marinated & dry cured naturally!

Each piece of beef is unique. The art of producing fantastic Biltong , is in the expertise of the maker & artisan bespoke manner in which it is crafted. Marinated in our special mixture of herbs, each piece is lovingly hand turned. Each strip is then hung high to be air dried in our unique ByBenji room.


Examined by our expert biltong makers, over several days, ensures every piece is individually selected and hand-picked optimally.
Jerky is dried by direct heat, which means the meat loses a lot of it’s protein content, but with Biltong, the natural air-drying process means no direct heat touches the meat thereby keeping the natural protein level. We can assure a healthier option, as the traditional biltong method undeniably increases the flavour and importantly, intensifies the mouth-watering aroma!


Finally the product itself, with our Biltong, every bag contains nothing but pure Beef (& natural lamb skins for our Biltong Sausage), with negligible gristle, tendons, no by-products, sugars or artificial additives. The word origin of Biltong stems from bil- rump and tong – strip and literally your tongue will taste the difference and remember the word!


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