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ByBenji, the sensory experience and treat that trains!

When we set out at ByBenji to create  a uniquely natural range of dog friendly Biltong products, who knew how we would be constantly overwhelmed at the feedback we’re receiving from the canine community , raving particularly about the positive feeding and training results they are experiencing while introducing ByBenji  into their worlds.

Read on for just one of the reviews sent to us by our very satisfied customers…..

“ Having an excitable and rather driven Border Collie, relaxing and calming during certain activities can be most challenging, especially when you have an ultra fussy pooch who is play and not normally food driven!
Starting a new obedience class obedience class recently we really rely on ByBenjis super delicious Biltong treats for helping to learn focus and calm in a highly stimulating environment. It is also great to find a low fat, no carbs treat suitable for my dogs raw diet”

Paw-five from Milo the Leucillin Spokesdog




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