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Summer in the City…ByBenji Style!

When we get an invite to bring the ByBenji experience to London Town, you would be absolutely correct in thinking we are about to meet some very classy canines!

Hey,ofcourse there’s always the feel of a red carpet occasion at any ByBenji event, with the expectation of experiencing the Biltong “magic”, sharing and tasting our unique bonanza of snacks creates a wonderful BB Buzz for those tempted tastebuds means that when you visit the Pavilion, we know you will never be disappointed , and somehow the combo of sun, summer and a stunning Central London location seemed to tempt our expectant visitors even more to adorn the legendary red chair with total gusto to enjoy their moment in the Biltong spotlight.

Let’s set the scene, the day was a Thursday…whaaaaaat!!…yes, just let me rephrase that, the event day was a weekday , an actual Thursday which could only mean one thing , at last we could hold a LIVE #thronethursday picture opportunity!

Yes, our weekly furniture fun competition which brings our Logo to life, suddenly became a real live opportunity for dogs to seek us out and pose live at our very own posing point,  getting pets to pose on their own Thrones offline fast became a day to get to meet and greet us LIVE at the very stylish Connaught Village Street Party, and enjoy the tasty welcome from our hosts for the day, the Hyde Park Pet Boutique…..a totally unique Throne Thursday Experience!






What a day….and they even booked a Marching Band to welcome the Throne!!!  



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