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Best ByBenji Uses

Reward & recall training

To know that your dog will understand you, react and respond to you, is the basis of any recall training regime. With so many outdoor influences to distract them, you’ll need to have the best bribe you can get your hands on to steal them away from whatever else they’re focusing on. 

ByBenji with its aromatic properties provides a dependable and highly sensory moment that will stop dogs in their tracks. Once experienced, never forgotten!

Noses are often aroused even before the bag is open. We’ve been told that the mere mention of the word or the shake of the bag from a far distance is generally all that’s needed to gain their instant attention.

Our products are also the go to choice for competitive and working dogs. Agility, Flyball, Behavourists, Walkers and proudly Nutritionists have all praised the performance of our products, hailing it as the ultimate reward.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Weight & dietary management

Keeping your dog healthy doesn’t mean that you need to stop giving them treats, but it does mean that scrutinising what you’re giving them is key.

By choosing a single sourced ingredient product, you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog. A lean, low fat, protein packed treat. Our ByBenji products will support your dog’s weight control regime providing a healthy meat treat snack.

Puppy dog eyes can break the will of any human especially when it comes to treats, so it’s even more important when making those food choices that you enhance their health not hamper!

For those more “food driven” of pooches, and to make the most of the treats they are given, try putting your dog’s snacks in a canine enrichment toy or puzzle. These slow down the consumption rate of food plus they’re a great form of mental stimulation.

Within any feeding regime, it’s important to include treats in your dog’s total daily calorie intake to balance things.

Our treats are approx 5kcal per piece and 25kcal for the average stick, so can happily be used to support a controlled diet.

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Ideal for fussy eaters

We specialise in fussy dogs, with owners standing in amazement as their dogs who turn their nose up at most offerings suddenly leaps at the treat and waits for more, even in a field, with nature’s distractions, it’s Biltong that starts to get their juices flowing!

Perhaps you don’t have a picky dog, they just haven’t found ByBenji yet!

If you’re playing meal time roulette with a particularly fussy eater, who can love or leave their food, we have the ideal canine condiment to turn an ordinary meal into a banquet.

Our Food Topper is simply ground biltong. Just one pinch sprinkled over a bowl will get their taste buds tingling.

If you have to change their diet for health reasons, maybe you have a poorly pooch who is off their food, the familiar taste of Biltong mixed into the bowl, will encourage and incentivise them to dine happily again.
For fussy dogs ByBenji reaches out to the senses like no other treat can.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Many tell us of extraordinary success stories with ByBenji reaching out to dogs who previously showed little interest in their food.

Activity enrichment & boredom busting

Looking after your dogs’ mind as well as body is the aim of every pet parent.

When it comes to keeping your dog occupied, ByBenji when combined with any canine enrichment activity will help sustain their interest.

Ideal in both puzzle games & boredom buster activity toys, there are many great ways to get your dog to slow down and extend the length of treat time.

It really doesn’t have to be a sophisticated and expensive puzzle. We know of Biltongeers who have enjoyed hunting out a treat wrapped within paper, hidden in a box within a box, creating a home made pass the parcel!

Life for a dog is one constant “sniffari”, and with all our treat options we can guarantee the flavour power will set noses instantly twitching, ready for action. They can sense the treat inside but the clue to fun is in the search and find.

By choosing a high value treat, the quality of the product means that even a little will go a long way.

Making our treats last longer is a question we are often asked.

When using ByBenji in a treat toy, you’ll not only maintain their interest but keep them independently occupied for far longer, importantly saving you pennies!!!

Regardless, treat toy or not, never leave your dog entirely unattended at treat time.

Use to host and camouflage medication

Getting your dog to take medication can be the most daunting and frustrating of tasks. Their keen sense of smell, sensitivity to textures and dogged resistance, will often lead to rejection.

Along with this frustration is the requirement to ensure they have consumed the prescribed dose on each occasion.
The easiest way to administer a tablet is to hide it in food or with a special treat. One that is high value, has a super aroma and a flavour they know, love & won’t resist.

With pills, to mask the medication we recommend using our softer textured Biltong Sausage. The minced composition makes an ideal pill host.

You can easily mold the beef around the tablet strategically hiding it inside.

It can’t be seen and they concentrate on the Biltong treat so spitting it out will hopefully be the last thing on their mind.

For liquid medication, using our Biltong topper works well.

By taking a small amount of food, then mixing in a generous amount of Topper along with the liquid you can be confident that all the dose has been consumed. Always check the bowl to make sure.

Just a spoonful of ByBenji helps the medicine go down!!

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Perfect socialising aid for dogs with a nervous disposition

Biltong is popular in South Africa as a teething aid for babies to suck & chew on.

Flesh on flesh, it’s the most natural connection and so much better than any synthetic or plastic alternatives.

So how does this work with dogs?

Dogs, particularly when weaning, enjoy chewing on pretty much anything they can find, hence the many toys you buy to distract them from your favourite pair of shoes!

Chewing activates their saliva glands to get working, helps clean their gums which all aids dental care. It’s also a self-soothing behaviour which in turn releases endorphins helping them to relax.

Research has shown that the chewing action itself can help reduce plaque and tartar build-up by a massive 70%, so why choose anything other than a natural pure meat treat for optimum dental care.

By making the most natural of treat choices you’re encouraging best dental practice, and with ByBenji products you can be assured there’s no sugars, no preservatives and certainly no nasty additives.

Processed ‘dental sticks,’ artificially produced from animal derivatives are designed specifically to soften normal plaque build-up. Simply gnawing on a pure ByBenji Super Stick is your healthier solution.

Aids dental hygiene routine

Post lockdown for example, separation anxiety is increasingly apparent, with dogs who have only ever known a 24/7 relationship with their human.

They’re suddenly being introduced to new situations after living predominantly an indoor lifestyle, and with new experiences comes unexpected issues.

When supporting a nervous dog, it’s important to firstly gain their trust and confidence.Treats are the natural way to encourage a new bond, and no better choice than ByBenji as your high value treat.

You will notice dogs overcoming their angst, becoming increasingly inquisitive with noses twitching & tongues ‘a licking’. Building that confidence is so much easier if the treat has an aroma to attract, you’re much nearer to gaining their trust with a treat you can always trust!

Encouragingly, Rescue Dogs have successfully been socialised using our products. Sensitivity and time is needed here, but initially just by holding and extending a hand filled with ByBenji, with a bit of patience our treats play a big part in coaxing them to make that first bond.

Sheer pleasure for all ages & stages

They definitely do remember their ByBenji moments.

The one thing that makes our treat range stand out from the crowd, is the sheer joy and pleasure your dog will display when they get a reward. After all, if your dog is happy, so are you!

Once experienced merely a show or shake of a pouch will bring on the expectation and excitement of what’s about to be enjoyed.

Eyes focused, with a look of recognition and anticipation, clever dogs will bring out their best party tricks, one paw or two. Some may attempt a 360 degree head spin for it and others will sit and wait patiently with utter focus. It’s different for each dog, but they’ll all know what’s in your hand!

When it comes to rewards, and to returning the unconditional love your dog shows you, bringing ByBenji to the treat table will keep you both happy.

You’ll certainly notice the difference in their reactions with ByBenji Biltong!

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