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So, what’s all the Beef about Biltong!

Biltong is a unique way of curing & preserving quality raw muscle meat. Pioneered in South Africa, it’s been enjoyed as a treasured treat for hundreds of years.

The name Biltong, is actually a combination of two old dutch words:

Bil = meatTong = strip.

Biltong is a process of marinating, and doesn’t have any reference to the meat protein itself. Traditionally, human varieties are typically made from high quality cuts of meat,  beef, ostrich, venison & other game animals.

Preserving the meat was the culinary intention, gently curing and air drying in the wind and warmth of the natural surroundings , letting nature do it’s thing.

#ByBenji Bitlong

So now you’ve been introduced … come find out a little bit more!

Todays’ Biltong makers replicate that process in drying cabinets. 

Biltong is increasingly gaining recognition globally with more interest in international cuisine.

Its super snack status is considered so high , it often features in survival & military ration packs. Nature’s most natural protein bar, it is regularly the go to snack when camping and trekking.

Toddlers in SA are traditionally weaned  and teethed on Biltong, choosing flesh on flesh rather than any synthetic plastics.

In the UK, biltong is reliably used to assist sport fitness & health regimes in delivering a quick high protein boost as an on the go alternative to protein powders

Our tasty products. Hand crafted for your dog's delight!


Human vs Dog Friendly

With Biltong growing in popularity within the human food space, you may just be tempted to share your own Biltong snacks with your faithful friend.

Important to mention the reasons that human varieties are NOT suitable for a dog’s digestion on a regular basis. Typically, the seasoning used in commercially manufactured biltong for human consumption contains considerably high levels of spicing , flavour enhancers, preservatives, chilli, pepper & salts which are not appropriate for the dog world.

Better for you and your dog!

No matter how much your dog will naturally gravitate to the meat products you eat, always be aware of serving your dog something that they themselves shouldn’t consume. 

With ByBenji, we’ve pared away all non appropriate ingredients. We use a vinegar based infusion with our blend of mixed herbs including: parsley, sage and rosemary…exact quantities remain a closely guarded ByBenji secret.

We’ve eliminated excessive use of salts, no sugar, pepper, spice or chillies too, making this transition to the pet market completely dog friendly.

This is the very reason ByBenji was created!

What is ByBenji?

We are the pioneers and the very first UK based manufacturer of  Biltong specifically devised and designed for the dog world. 

Our ByBenji Biltong vision has always been to follow the principles of traditional Biltong making, and offer dogs a treat range never experienced before. 

ByBenji Biltong stands out from the rest, as it reaches out to the senses like no other. 

When you discover and then compare Biltong to other treats, you only have to see the positive reaction, you cannot fool your four legged friends. Their eyes will light up, their mood will lift and they won’t be able to contain their excitement, how great does that make you feel to see your dog so happy.

Top quality ingredients

It’s a treat range that confidently delivers exactly what you need for your dog; taste, aroma, variety of texture and being a single source ingredient treat range, you can be assured there are no nasties or additives… nothing but pure premium beef.

Dog’s swiftly learn to recognise the words ByBenji and Biltong, and have even been known to react to the cupboard before the pouch is open. Just a mere mention or shake of the bag, is enough to get their interest and juices flowing.

With consistency of effect in our range, comes focus and attention for training.

Our ByBenji products are the go to products for competitive activities such as Agility, Flyball. Behaviourists, walkers and nutritionists have all praised the performance of our products as a supremely reliable reward and recall treat of trust.

Medical Assistance dog owners regularly favour ByBenji above others as their go to treat of choice for reward  & Rescue Charities  revere  our treats  to coax & comfort even the most distressed.

There are meat treats and then there’s ByBenji…you don’t have a fussy dog, they just haven’t found ByBenji yet.

Immerse your dog’s senses in the Biltong experience.

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